Our Vision

The future of food created from ZERO.

ZEROCO fully employs the properties of water and ice to achieve a stable storage environment of low temperature and high humidity – a difficult feat until now.We take the real taste of ingredients to the table, preserving health, maintaining freshness, and reducing food waste.

Our technology optimizes operations and makes culinary creation more enjoyable. ZEROCO believes in a future where “deliciousness” travels around the globe, and we continually challenge ourselves to bring comprehensive solutions to worldwide cuisine.


What we do

ZEROCO brings innovation to the entire food supply chain, from production sites to distributors, retail, and restaurants.

Beginning in Japan, we orchestrate worldwide collaborations across production sites, processing industries, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and restaurants to create community and bring about food innovation.

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How it works

ZEROCO is an alternative to conventional refrigeration, freezing, and thawing.

Our rigorous temperature and humidity control technology outperforms conventional food storage procedures. Our systems can also be used for precooling, in order to revolutionize the quality of frozen products.

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ZEROCO’s optimal storage environment of low temperature and high humidity preserves quality.

Our stable storage environment of low and high humidity controls the moisture levels of foodstuff and prevents quality deterioration.

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